Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Loki Dream

submitted by Jaret

I worked a corporate job, as an assistant to the owner of this big company. We never saw my boss in person, but he ran the whole show, and I was his number one man.

This new guy started working with us; he was a young guy, and a mover and a shaker....he worked his way up in the company very quickly. The girls in the office loved this guy, they talked about him all the time. They always referred to him as "the storm bringer" or "the trickster."

Soon the new guy works his way up so far that he gets promoted to my boss' job. I get nervous, fearing for my job, until the new guy comes to me and asks that i stay on and assist him instead (i remember hearing the phrases "the balance of power has shifted" and "new order" several times throughout the dream).

Of course i agreed. He invites me to coffee after work so we can get started on a project he wants to engage.

After work, i meet my new boss for coffee. on the way there, I can't help but ponder over the names the girls at work called him. They are traditional names for Loki, the norse god of chaos. I can't get it out of my mind.

I sit down with my employer and we begin to talk. I tell him about the names people have called him, and he starts to change before my eyes: a mound of earth, grass and trees sprout beneath his chair and rises to seat him. he grows older, taller and broader. His smoothe face sprouts and beard that greys and ages with him. His clothes become that of a traditional viking chieftain. and i realize he IS the god Loki.

With this epiphany, i began to thank him fro always turning the tables on the establishment, for being the underdog's savior. As I talk, i began sobbing heavily, but in a good way. A good cry. I feel like i'm confessing all my sins to god and he's looking at me without judgement, with nothing but love. he puts his hand on me and tells me that i have been the god Loki all my life. And i didn't know it.

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